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Hi Coach,

We want to give you the best experience possible... 

So Coach Mark and I were were thinking...
"What could we do to serve you the most?"

And as we were thinking through what we could possibly give you to help guarantee your success as a coach...

Instantly we knew we had to create Soccer Coaches University.

This is NOT your normal soccer coaching program...

Here's why...

On a daily basis we create new session plans as well as analyze other sessions by top coaches from all over the world...

We do this so we can provide you with the BEST sessions possible...

Sessions that will now only improve your team...

But also save you TONS of precious time...

I understand the feeling...

...because i've been there...

I’d just be getting home from work or school and practice is fast approaching…

I’d frantically search online hoping to find the perfect session just before dashing out the door…

Most times I would end up using the “same old” sessions over and over…

I knew it wasn’t right…

but how was I suppose to get more time?

We only have so much time in the day!

I knew there had to be a better solution...

and this is why we created Soccer Coaches University!

As a member of Soccer Coaches University you will receive 2 fresh session plan EVERY SINGLE MONTH to help you save tons of time and more importantly give you the tools to make an even GREATER IMPACT in your players core soccer development.

That's 8 individual activities with step-by-step instructions and coaching points... PLUS a complete overview video from Coach Mark talking through exactly how to coach through each activity, plus so much more!

We will provide you with all of the new coaching drills, strategies and techniques so you don’t need to stress out or rush anymore…

There will be no more searching the internet or youtube for hours on end trying to find the perfect sessions to run during your next practice...

Which means, more time to coach, confidence with your sessions, and of course, more time to focus on what really matters…

Having FUN and making a POSITIVE IMPACT in the lives of your players through the great sport of soccer!

After all… 

that’s why we coach, isn’t it?

How would it be to save 7 hours of planning each month?

Wouldn't that be AWESOME?

But that's not all...

You will also receive a video from Coach Mark every month answering any questions he has received throughout the month...

We want to ensure you have all the tools you need to guarantee your success as a coach…

As a Soccer Coaches University member you will have access to the sessions and videos within your online members portal at anytime anywhere…

So what are you waiting for?

Click "Yes, Start My Free 14 Day Trial Now" button above or below.

Soccer Coaches University is a power-packed digital training for Coaches that will dramatically shortcut the path to developing Elite Level Players and Teams That Win Championships!

Multiple Done-For-You Sessions Monthly

• In-Depth Video Session Walkthroughs

• Full Session Plans In PDF Format

• Progressions For Every Session

• Alternative Session Plans Monthly

• Direct Access To Credentialed Coaches

• Private SCU Facebook Group

• WhatsApp, Phone, Email & DM

• All Access Digital Pass 24 / 7 

• And Tons Of BONUSES!

*Start Your 14 Day FREE Trial Today AND Get $442 In FREE BONUSES!
It Only Takes 10 Seconds... Signup For FREE Today and Get $442 In FREE BONUSES!


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It Only Takes 10 Seconds... Signup For FREE Today and Get $442 In FREE BONUSES!
1st) Video of Coach Mark explaining exactly how to run the complete session plan in detail from start to finish.
You'll get a video walkthrough from Coach Mark of his favorite session plan each month.  He will explain specifically how to coach through that month's session plan so there's no confusion once you get to the field.

Coach Mark walks you through the topic of the session and each drill starting with no pressure...moving to passive pressure...then real pressure and finally a conditioned game scenario.
2nd) Video + PDF Download Of 4 Activities
Watching the video will help you to understand the concepts behind each session, but the PDF download is the REAL secret...

It allows you to download, print and add the full session into your coaching binder so you can take it with you. 

The download also allows you to SEE the session diagrams and analyze each, and get Mark's detailed instructions for each drill.

You will be able to save each session plan on your computer and also inside your coaching binder to reference over and over again!
3rd) Month 1 Alternative Session Plan - 4 Activities
This session plan is designed to compliment the main session plan by offering you session variations. Each session pairs with the counterpart on the main session. The key differences are highlighted on the session plan.

The session plan alternative gives you a different angle of approach to achieve a similar learning outcome, use this session to tweak your plan as you go. Often, small adjustments can really compound the learning objectives.
4th) Extra Coaching Bonuses!
You will find other bonus resources unlocked inside the SCU members portal... videos, downloads, flowcharts and documents that you'll enjoy.
This Is A Look Inside The Soccer Coaching Program You Can Test Drive FREE Today!
We are here to walk along side you and provide you with the best coaching sessions and resources possible to help you make your coaching life easier and assist you in creating life changing results with your players and teams.
Soccer Coaches University Membership
Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You'll Receive FREE When You Join Soccer Coaches University Today!
So coach here’s the deal...

When you join the 14 day free trial of Soccer Coaches University today, on top of the free full session plans, you're also going to get ALL of the following for FREE...

We'll rush your sessions and trainings to your email inbox every month after that...

Membership is normally $97 a month... but you can lock up one of our charter memberships for just $29 a month. That's a HUGE 70% discount off our normal rate!

It will be like Coaches "Christmas Morning" every single month.

So what's in the package?

Glad you asked...
What You'll Get For FREE Today When You Take Your Free 14 Day Test Drive
#1: Soccer Coaches University ALL Access Pass
What good is a secret club without a private members area?

This gives you as a member unlimited access to the SCU members portal anytime anywhere!

You'll soon be calling it your 'Personal Coaching Gold Mine' where you'll gain access to the monthly soccer session, videos, document downloads with text instructions and a ton of extra bonuses!

A whole army of coaches will be sharing their experiences within the SCU community so everyone can learn from each other...

Everything is accessible at anytime on any desktop computer or mobile device connected to the internet.
Unlimited Access
($97 Value)
#2: Direct Messaging With Coach Mark & Coach Eric
First up is our One on One coaching support.

Have a question that you would like answered by a credentialed coach?

Coach Mark and Coach Eric are here to help you.

Simple download WhatsApp on your Apple or Android device and send a text or voice message and coach Mark or Coach Eric will reply with within 24 hours (4 messages per month)

Email and Facebook Messenger support as well.
One-On-One Help
($97 Value)
#3: Access To The SCU Private Facebook Group
What good is a secret club without a private members area?

Here you will find sessions shared, questions answered and coaches collaborating on session ideas and much more!
Private Facebook Group
($47 Value)
And That's Just A Partial List Of What You'll Get Inside...
As you can probably see, getting access to Soccer Coaches University is like having Coach Mark as your personal soccer coaching mentor!
Monthly Membership
Huge 70% Discount
Soccer Coaches University Membership
Normally $97 / Month
Today Join FREE!
Just $29 / Month After The 14 Day Free Trial
Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Join Soccer Coaches University Today!
  • ​Month One Session Plan Overview Video ($67 Value)
  • ​Month One Session Plan - 4 Activities With Videos + Downloads ($67 Value)
  • ​Month One Alternative Session Plan - 4 Activities With Videos + Downloads ($67 Value)
  •  Direct Messaging Though WhatsApp With Coach Mark ($97 Value)
  • ​SCU Private Facebook Group ($47 Value)
  • ​Soccer Coaches University Digital Access Pass ($97 Value)
  •  BONUS #1 Must Have Soccer Coaching Forms and Templates
  •  BONUS #2 Decision Making Tips For Success on Attack Flow Chart
  •  BONUS #3 Webinar Video Recordings Archive
Total Value: $442
Get Started Today For:
So, are you excited about Soccer Coaches University yet? :) If so, then NOW is the time to take action...
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FREE 14 Day Test Drive Of Soccer Coaches University Then Just $29 / Month. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Matt Telfer & David Beckham
NSCAA Advanced National Coach

"This program is an excellent resource for soccer coaches of all ages and abilities. Each activity on the site is presented with a video example, a detailed description of how to run it as well as the key coaching points and progressions."

Christopher Nash
English FA Licensed Coach
Training Program Director & Head Coach

"The user interface is simple and easy to use, coaching session clips give a great representation of the descriptions below and also aesthetically pleasing. Vast amount of sessions to chose from in each section making this a massively useful tool to have in your coaching locker, great ideas and a different perspective to gain coaching knowledge and understanding."

QUESTION: How many sessions / activities do you provide per month?

ANSWER: We provide 2 full session plans per month (8 activities) + Any Monthly Bonuses. Each month you will receive an email when the next month's sessions are ready (past sessions will be available at anytime).

One full overview video going over the activities in detail and how to coach through them. Each session plan is downloadable (Full session plan on one sheet with images and text). You'll also see access to our video archive, downloads archive, bonuses, etc. Also, if you need a specific type of activity created or have a coaching question just email or WhatsApp message us the details and we will get back with you within 12 hours. There is also a private SCU Facebook Group where you can ask questions and engage with other coaches from around the world.

QUESTION: When will I be billed for Soccer Coaches University?

ANSWER: You will be billed $29 after your 14 day free trial and every 30 days afterwards.

QUESTION: How do I contact Soccer Coaches University directly?
ANSWER: You can contact Soccer Coaches University by emailing, calling 801-810-4423 or messaging our Facebook Page (Coaches Training Room).

QUESTION: Are the sessions inside Soccer Coaches University Age Specific?

ANSWER: The focus is coaching development so all sessions can be adapted to suit all ages and abilities. We offer progressions and regressions to accommodate your players.

QUESTION: Are the videos inside the curriculum downloadable?

ANSWER: No, the videos are viewable inside the members portal. The PDF's and graphics throughout the course are downloadable to your computer or mobile device.

QUESTION: How many direct messages do I get to send to Coach Mark Monthly?

ANSWER: You get an unlimited amount of direct messages through WhatsApp to Coach Mark directly. Responses will be within 12 hours of when the message is received.

QUESTION: Can I access more than one month at a time?

ANSWER: Once you join Soccer Coaches University you will immediately have access to the full first month of training plus all the bonuses inside the members portal. When 30 days comes you will see the next month show inside your members portal. You will have access to the past monthly sessions at any time as long as you are a Soccer Coaches University member.

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to raise the level of grassroots coaching worldwide by offering coaches access to carefully considered and proven session plans. We understand that effective learning requires exposure to real game situations. and this is why it is important to practice the technique in a controlled and conditioned environment so that your players are fully prepared on game day. Our sessions are designed by Coaches, for Coaches.

Our Vision Statement:

To expose coaches to more coaching styles and methodologies by offering proven sessions designed to replicate in game situations. By offering ideas, methods and techniques from professional coaches around the world we aim to provide coaches with the tools they need to raise the level of youth players anywhere. We remain focused on accessibility and affordability.

We are firm believers that in soccer coaching there is no secret formula, and that all coaches should be individuals with their own coaching style and vision. We aim to compliment your own style through exposure to scalable and achievable session plans that replicate in-game scenarios to help your players understand not only ‘how’ to do it, but ‘why’ you do it when it comes to game day.

Here's A Sneak Peek Into Soccer Coaches University!
*Start Your 14 Day FREE Trial Today AND Get $442 In FREE BONUSES!


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